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Wood Waste management - a sector in need of visibility
The management of wood waste in Europe, whose flows are increasing thanks to incentive policies, is now in a difficult situation, torn between a directive that encourages material recycling and policies that aim at significantly increasing biomass energy. In this context, relevant actors have poor visibility on how to implement solutions or adapt regulations. There is a need of a unified platform to provide information and relevant feedback to actors and bring them together to disseminate suitable solutions and success factors, depending on the regional context.

Setting up European Wood Waste Platform - BIOREG in order to transfer success factors and solutions
To answer the existing need the first multi-stakeholder platform in Europe dedicated to wood waste will be developed: European Wood Waste Platform - BIOREG. The platform will facilitate the identification and selection of best practices and success factors among European demonstrator regions which have set up pertinent mechanisms all along the value chain of wood waste management (collecting, treatment, valorisation such as reuse, wood waste to materials, wood waste to energy) and outputs management (gas, ash, other waste from valorisation processes).
In close cooperation with key stakeholders from demonstrator and recipient regions, the platform will allow to transfer the success factors identified to regions with unused wood waste potential or bad practices.

Opportunities for members
European Wood Waste Platform - BIOREG will assist members in:
   • getting access to good practices from model regions;
   • gaining insight into the European wood waste markets by presenting their company and their skills or using the Geoportal Mapping Tool;
   • presenting their products, services and offers as well as proposals for cooperation ;
   • identifying and contacting potential partners in the wood waste sector easily and directly at a European level;
   • influencing policy makers to adapt the relevant regulatory framework;
   • getting access to investors;
   • fostering the development of industrial projects.

General purpose
Overall, the platform aims to:
   • improve wood waste management in Europe along the value chain by increasing its collection rate and reducing bad practices such as landfilling or combustion without smoke treatment.
   • replicate the most relevant industrial ecosystems in deficient regions, by following the logic of a cascading system and the circular economy.
   • provide information on the expected evolution of the regulatory and normative framework at a national and European Scale (regulatory watch), or structural trends (cascade use, carbon storage, circular economy, etc.).

Platform management structure

The Steering committee (SC) is the management and supervising body of BIOREG Platform.The Steering Committee has 10 member positions. Half of the member positions are beingoccupied by BIOREG partner organizations and the other are open for external experts andstakeholders, including representatives from BIOREG recipient regions (Normandy, France;Lubelskie, Poland; Alentejo and Lisboa, Portugal) and from the demonstrator countries. Theinvolvement and performance of activities in the Steering Committee is voluntarily. The SC isthe decision making body of the platform supervising all activities, like:

  • Inclusion of new members on the platform;
  • The compliance with the platform’s mission and related activities;
  • Launching of activities, initiatives, research projects;
  • Coordination with external parties and stakeholders;
  • Changes in purposes or in contents of the BIOREG Platform;
  • Fostering a creation of community and common initiatives (e.g. evolving into EuropeanWood Waste Association – an initiative that the platform will aim to encourage).

Appointment period for the members is 1 year. They serve in a personal capacity, offering bothindividual expertise and, when appropriate, representing the collective view of their stakeholdergroup, not specifically their own company, organization, institution, etc. The Chairperson and theVice-Chair are selected by the Members. None of the positions are subject to remuneration.

The SC members carry out activities and propose discussions in a few Groups of interests (pleasesee the graph below). Groups of interests have been formed and finalized during the BIOREGproject implementation and cover important topics in the field. The Groups are led by BIOREGpartners. All teams will be supported by platform administrators. The management body of theplatform (the SC) and Group Leaders support the BIOREG platform members.


Platform Steering Committe

Name First name Location Position Company Category
Gerne Annick Germany Energy project manager STEAG Industrial (energy)
Campargue Mathieu France Director of RAGT Energie / Leader of working group ISO-17 225-9 RAGT Energie Research center / Laboratory
Kies Uwe Belgium Secretary General INNOVAWOOD Federation
Meschin Christine France Solid Biomass Sourcing Manager UPM Kymmene- Paper mill Industrial (energy)
Poelzleitner Anton France Head of the Austrian Waste wood management company Pölzleitner Holz GmbH Industrial (waste)
Lambert Lyse France Chairwoman FEDEREC wood wastes / ECOSYS FEDEREC Industrial (waste) / Federation
Deroubaix Gérard France Director FCBA Federation
Gałczynska Małgorzata Poland Director FRL Cluster
Cichy Wojciech France Professor ITD University

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