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The Geoportal tool is placed on the BioReg platform. It represents 6 maps and 7 overlays.

1.1 MAPS
At the right side of the screen the user can see a large section, named Bioreg Geoportal. This is the section where the user can display and hide different maps and overlays using the buttons below. The 6 maps are placed in 3 rows providing information about 3 topics – Wood waste (theoretical potential and density), Demolition wood (theoretical potential and density), and Wood industry (theoretical potential and density). In order to change maps between “theoretical potential” and “density” for each of the three labels (Wood waste, Demolition wood, Wood industry) the user should click on the respective buttons: “theoretical” and “density”. The three labels themselves (Wood waste, Demolition wood, Wood industry) are not active buttons.
The Overlays section has 7 active buttons, each of them visualize the respective overlay independently (first click – show, second click – hide). Each overlay visualizes different establishments depending on their activities (wood waste management, waste energy plants, technology providers, research institutions, panel producers, biomass power plants, associated members).
At left bottom side of the screen is the “Legend” section. In this section you can monitor different pieces of information about the map currently loaded.
At the very bottom of the screen there is a section called “Map description”, which represents full description about each of the three categories of maps (Wood waste, Demolition wood, Wood industry). The “map description” and the “legend” information are automatically loaded and changed by changing the geoportal maps.
Hold the cursor on the map region and you will see a pop up with information about the region.  Hold the cursor on a point when an overlay is active and you will see information about the entity this point represents.

The Geoportal gives users the possibility to add their entity or establishment on the maps. To be able to do so, the user should follow the steps described below.
1. Register on the European Wood Waste Platform – BioReg (, using the registration form in the section “Become a Member” 2. Go to “Geoportal” tool and click on the “Add your info” button – it will redirect you to submit a form with your entity data and GPS coordinates (do not forget that you need to be registered at the platform!). 3. To insert your entity’/establishment’s GPS coordinates – click and hold the red marker on the Google map, then drag it to the place you want in order to localize your company. This will automatically fill in your GPS coordinates in the “X coordinates” and “Y coordinates” fields. Do not try to type coordinates in the two fields mentioned. 4. To zoom the map In and Out, use the CTRL + scroll. 5. Fill in the form “Insert your info” (the fields with asterix “*” are obligatory!) 6. The last step is to click on “Submit” button.
That is it! Now refresh browser and must see your point on the map.
If you want to update the information related to your entity or establishment (e.g. overlay or location) on the map:
1. Go to the Geoportal tool and localize your entity already added to the Geoportal previously: set on the Overlay your company is visualized in; Go to the point of your company, click on the point and copy the first number of the pop up displayed – Poind ID! 2. Now let’s go to update your information: click on the “Update your info” button – it will redirect you to resubmit a form with your entity data and GPS coordinates (do not forget that you need to be registered at the European Wood Waste Platform – BioReg (!). 3. Now look at the very top of the screen – the URL address: just type the ID number you just copied (this is the ID of your entity) and press ENTER. It will automatically display all the information about your company already added by you! ) *Please notice, that it is your responsibility to beware when updating information, check twice the Company name and the Company type fields before updating! 4. You can update every field of information or add new information if it is empty. Then just click on the “Submit” button.
Now go back to Geoportal tool.

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