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Déchets du bâtiment : le décret encadrant la future REP est en consultation. Actu Environnement. July 2021

Wood recycling sector pushes case for biomass. WRA. July 2021

Waste wood exports see further fall in 2020 (UK). WRA. May 2021

Germany: Transitional support for waste wood power plants. BAV. Dec. 2020

The Ile de France and Normandy regions have launched a program to improve the management of wood waste in the two territories. The IMPACTES program, lasting 2 years, piloted by CEDEN, Biomasse Normandie and CIRCOE aims to improve the collection of wood waste, their preparation and recovery and to assess the health impact of bad practices ( burns on construction sites or in fireplaces). Many industrial partners, laboratories and research centers are associated with the program. IMPACTES will sart in September 2020. Programme_ImpACTES_Communiqué de Presse_VF. 2020-2022

Geminor to import 50,000 tonnes of waste wood to UK. Waste fuel specialist Geminor says it plans to import 50,000 tonnes of waste wood for recycling to the UK in 2020 in response to increased demand. July 2020.

Circulating blame in the circular economy: The case of wood-waste biofuels and coal ash. Science Direct. Elsevier. June 2019.

Extended producer responsibility for Building in France. BATIACTU. Dec. 2019

Valorising wood waste for energy and materials in Europe: BIOREG Project. Besustainable magazine. Nov. 2019.

A need for waste wood rules and standards (Andrzej Zientarski. Poland). Nov. 2019

RPS for waste wood extended to 2020 (classification). WRA Sept. 2019
Amendment of the German Waste Wood Ordinance. BAV. Mar. 2019

BIOREG, plateforme européenne collaborative dédiée aux bois en fin de vie. Biorenergy international. Oct. 2018


The UK Waste Wood Sector – 2021 and Beyond. Julia TURNER (WRA)

DRAFT Catalogue of wood waste classifications in the UNECE Region (Inventory of wood waste classifications in Europe). UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section. March 2021.

2020-2025 Global Wood Recycling Market Report – Production and Consumption Professional Analysis (Impact of COVID-19). Feb 2021

BIOREG ouputs (deliverables, recommendations, best practices)

State of the art of wood waste management in Nouvelle Aquitaine (France). AREC Nouvelle Aquitaine 2019

Evolution of solid biofuel standards. New standard on crushed wood for industrial use ISO 17 225-9. CIBE. Jan. 2019

Transboundary flows of woody biomass waste streams in Europe. IEA Bioenergy. 2018

Writing Waste Wood Fire Prevention Plans (FPPs). Wood Recyclers Association. 2018

Presentations of the seminar dedicated to wood waste in Normandy in 2017.

Presentation Dominique Boulday (CEDEN) national seminar dedicated to wood wastes – Le Havre (France). November 2017 2017-11-30_CIBE-BIOREG_LE HAVRE

Presentation Dominique Plumail (CEDEN) national seminar dedicated to wood wastes – Le Havre (France). November 2017 2017-11-30_CIBE LE HAVRE_2

Waste wood guide. BAV. 2015

Classification of used wood to biomass fuel or solid recycled fuel and cascading use in Finland. VTT 2015

Federations, research centers

Wood Recyclers Association. Association dedicated to wood waste in UK

BAV. Association dedicated to wood waste in Germany

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

FEDEREC. Recycling federation in France

Wood Panel Industries Federation

European Panel Federation

EFIC – European Furniture Industries Confederation

EFET – European Federation of Energy Traders

EREF – European Renewable Energies Federation

European Suppliers of Waste to Energy Technology

FEAD – European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services

Eco-Mobilier : french eco-organism for furniture wastes from household

Valdelia : french eco-organism for furniture wastes from entreprises

FCBA (France). Technological Institute Forest Cellulose Wood-construction Furniture

CIBE (France). Interprofessional Wood and Energy Committee

RAGT Energie (France). Research and consulting company in energy recovery from biomass

European collaborative projects/platforms in the energy and biomass sector

This section aims to create bridges between collaboratives projects with common purposes.

Collaborative projects : short description and contacts


Toolbox of EU success factors


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