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Wood Waste to Energy Articles about Sweden

The forestry will together with the agricultural sector play an important role when we break free from today’s fossil dependency and our future society is build. Department of Energy and Technology works on studies how resources from the forestry and agricultural sector in an efficient manner can be sustainably used to produce e.g. fuels, electricity and heat. It also studies how technical processes can be improved and more efficient supply systems designed. Link : Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Bioenergy

Bioenergy is the leading energy source in Sweden today. The Swedish energy system has gone through a major transformation. In the 1970s oil was totally dominating. Today, oil is almost entirely a transport fuel, whereas bioenergy has taken over in district heating, and plays a major role in industry and in electricity production. Link : Svebio, About bioenergy

The article consists list of: Overview of biofuels in Sweden – from feedstock to end use; Biofuels ministries, organisations and agencies in Sweden; Key biofuels industry and research stakeholders in Sweden; Advanced biofuels demonstrations and R&D Projects in Sweden; Biofuels policy, regulations, market development and support in Sweden; Reports related to biofuels in Sweden. Link : European Technology and Innovation Platform Bioenergy, Biofuels in Sweden

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